Mailers, Creative Piece Advertising

Cover Mailer * Upper left

This can be the cover of your mini shopping mall or of a particular business

Inside of a Cover Mailer * Upper middle

This section can introduce each business, add coupons and/or add any creative piece that you want

Coupon Mailer * Upper right

This mailer has an attachment with can add three or four different coupons, along with your message. This mailer is usually made for one business, but we can add another business for this coupon mailer

Solid Mailer * Center left

One specific piece designed to grab attention. Made for 1-8 business, not really designed for coupons

Long Mailer * Center middle

This specific piece is designed for additional locations of the business. This mailer can also be designed for 1-3 businesses too

Coupon Samples included above

Lower left & Middle right

Mailer Inquiry

All mailers, creative pieces can be designed to fit the business' needs. We can add up to twelve businesses on most mailers, keeping the cost down per business

All mailers include the price of mailing within 1-10 miles of your location and/or to specific addresses

We can even design your mailer for you for FREE! If you have artwork, we can work with this artwork- especially the coupons

Our specialty is designing coupons! Make sure that YOU ask US